As we enter spring and experience life in full bloom, this collection is a celebration of creation and growth. Inspired by nature and the human body, the collection showcases organic biomorphic patterns and forms, in bright and impactful colours. The collection takes focus on floral punk and is a modern iteration of elaborately re-worked flower power! The collection’s strength is in the fabric; texture, colour and detail. The collection is co-created alongside AI models, trained on RAIYA’s original, physical embroidery samples, to re-imagine intrinsically complex designs, patterns, motifs and garments. The collection stages a mix of contemporary, bold, yet timelessly elegant clothing pieces, like jumpsuits, oversized unisex heavily embroidered blazers, digitally printed shirts and dresses, full scale embroidered dresses and unapologetically striking handbags & footwear. The collection demonstrates a clear use case beyond ideation and is designed ready to be taken into production.​​​​​​​
The Show
Exhibited in the first ever AI Fashion Week at Spring Studios NYC, curated by Maison Meta and sponsored by Revolve Group, Spring and WHIM digital canvases.
The AI generated images capture an imagined show where one of the spaces at Spring Studios is transformed into a mixed reality experience runway. As the models walk down the runway, the pattern on the fabric of the garment is projected onto the runway ground and walls, simulating a life size artistic mural. AR filters are triggered through the Snapchat app, bringing the patterns, textures, detail and colour to life, creating a fully immersive one-of-a-kind experience.
We're taking orders for bespoke production (digital and physical) on-demand.
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